Panel 3

Title: Manufacturing and Export in Poland

Topic: The State and Potential of U.S. Manufacturing in Poland

Moderator: Michał Kobosko, Editor-in Chief, Wprost


Jeff Byrne, Vice President, Air Products
Eric Chartrain, Vice President and General Manager, International Paper
Olgierd Dziekoński, Minister, President's Chancellery
Mick Maurer, President and CEO, Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation
Sebastian Paszek, Founder and Owner WATT SA
Rafał Stepnowski, President of the Management Board, Jeppesen Poland
Bogusław Winid, Undersecretary of State, Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Key issues:
Poland has been a key strategic destination for U.S. manufacturing investment in the past 20 years. Manufacturing has nearly doubled as a share of GDP (rising from 14% to 23% of GDP) during the past 15 years, and has been a major component of Poland?s admirable record of economic growth during the financial crisis. As Poland's exports of manufactured goods both to the EU and to third markets continues to grow, so does the potential for U.S. manufacturing investment. The Aviation Valley cluster is one example of how bilateral commercial cooperation can not only create manufacturing clusters, but can bolster trade in both directions. This panel explores the potential for increased bilateral cooperation in other manufacturing sectors and locations in Poland.