Panel 6

Title: Tapping into the creative economy

Topic: Harnessing the power of the creative economy requires increased innovation,
Research and Development,business-academic collaboration and e-government.

Moderator: Melissa Eddy, Editor, International Herald Tribune


Michał Boni, Minister, Ministry of Digitalization
Javier Ellena, Vice President and Area Director, Eli Lilly
Leszek Grabarczyk, Deputy Director, National Center of Reaserch & Development
Michał Kleiber, Chairman, Polish Academy of Science (PAN)
Tore Land, Ecomagination Director, GE International
Jacek Murawski, General Director, Microsoft Poland
Maria Elżbieta Orłowska, Secretary of State, Ministry of Science and Higher Education
Agnieszka Pachciarz, Undersecretary of State, Ministry of Health (tbc)
Carsten Thiel, Regional Vice President, Amgen

Key issues:

What does Poland need to do to change the fate of Polish innovation in sectors such as aerospace, information technology, and biotechnology? These are the fastest growing sectors in today's global economy, and those that show the greatest potential for growth in trade. They are highly creative sectors based on innovation, and the development of new technologies and designs, and innovative treatments in healthcare. To gain a competitive advantage in these sectors requires entrepreneurship and investment funding, healthy research and development, a modern, skilled workforce and the ability to bring new products to market quickly. The United States has built its reputation as a global leader in innovation by supporting fundamental research, building links between higher education and private industry, and fostering a climate that rewards original thinking. Poland, with its highly-educated workforce and strategic location within the European Union, has the opportunity to be a new center for innovation in the new economy. Making this a reality requires a regulatory and market environment that is hospitable to innovation, entrepreneurship and risk-taking, and adopting up-to-date e-government practices that minimize obstacles to creative business activity.